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Application and Cloud Management

Application Migration Graphic

Application Migration

One of the key features of a cloud management solution includes moving applications that are hosted on-premises or in a private cloud to the public cloud. Using Matilda Cloud Solutions, our catalog-based workflow can:

  • Define the required infrastructure (servers, storage, network) for the target cloud environment
  • Define the required containers for the requested applications
  • Deploy the environment and applications
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Facilitate DevOps

An important value of our cloud management solution is the ability of the Development teams to easily deploy applications into dev, test, staging, and production environments without having to wait for the Operations teams to build the environments. To deploy a new application, the workflow in Matilda Cloud Solutions can:

  • Create infrastructure with network and storage
  • Deploy the services (web servers and database servers)
  • Deploy the application using the required security processes
Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management

A major challenge in the world of virtual resources is how to manage the cost and sprawl of where applications are launched. Using Matilda Cloud Solutions, data is gathered on resource usage by location to analyze the cost of where the workloads are running and whether to move them to a different provider. If a move is needed, then a catalog-based request can be submitted to move the application/resource. Features include:

  • Moving application workloads without manual intervention by Operations
  • Easy-to-make data-driven decisions for cost management
  • Intelligent scaling and recommendations
Digital Transformation

Enable Digital Evolution

As you embark on a digital evolution journey, you will find several methodologies for migrating applications to the cloud. Matilda Cloud Solutions support the migration of legacy applications whether you are moving monolithic applications into a hosted cloud environment, or re-engineering and deploying them in containers. Our solution provides container management features such as intelligent scaling, load balancing, and high availability, along with:

  • Launching application services such as web servers and database servers
  • Supporting microservices that are built into containers
  • Managing and tracking containers through their lifecycle


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